M E E T   N A T A L I E


“When you put one of the most important events of your life and business in my hands, I take it personally.  I’ve built my business on one premise:  We are all just people.  At Swellegant, our product is creating memories.” 

-Natalie Vishny

No detail is too small or too unimportant to be left uncovered. Production, food,  design, music, lighting, photography and videography: each and every detail is equally important.

A true artist by nature, it is her love of creating and collaboration that drives her to think outside the box .

Natalie is based in Orange County, CA,  She is known for her native Midwestern hospitality, production, culinary creativity and design.  Natalie's team has years of experience in multiple creative outlets to ensure that your event will be an elegant and delicious affair.

She loves family, friends, anything beautiful,  art, hiking, and 'the perfect bite'.

"Knowing that some of the fondest memories in our lives are spent in the kitchen and around the table, I love creating events that are warm, inviting and unique. "




Working with the best in the industry, Natalie would like to thank the following designers and photographers for their contributions to her website:

Photographers:  Frank Salas, Studio EMP, Christopher Todd Studio,  Marc Weisberg, Marshall Williams, and many more featured on the journal.

Designers:  Inviting Occasion, White Lilac Designs, Bloom Box Designs, Design Visage, and many more featured on the journal.