Bridezillas?? What's up with these Reality TV Shows?

So, it's a Sunday morning right after an incredible wedding at Star Ranch in Corona. What an incredible couple... what a magical place.

So, what does an event coordinator do on a Sunday after a swell Saturday wedding? I'm watching Bridezilla, the show that everyone references at almost every wedding that I coordinate. People ask me: "Do you have any bridezillas?" My answer:

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That's what a coordinator does... anticipating conflicts and taking care of them before they even arise.
So have you watched that

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show? What's up with these women??? Seriously, who wants to be on that show? After fast forwarding through three shows (thank goodness for Cox on Demand) I realize one thing: Couples need a wedding coordinator. Forgotten wedding licences, catering fiascos, brides that have no idea what they're doing at their rehearsals, no timelines or pre-wedding calls to vendors, tears, screaming, and more tears. Reality TV at its finest.
My advice? Hire a coordinator, sweet brides, even if you're not a Bridezilla.

Be swell.
Natalie Vishny