Engaging your Five Senses at an Event


Sight. Touch. Sound. Taste. Smell.

Just home from the monthly ABC (Association of Bridal Consultants) event at The New Shoreline Hotel in Huntington Beach. Incredible location... cool, hip, swanky feel. Great food. Awesome service. For those of you out there that are looking for a clean, interesting location just steps away from Main Street and the beach, that's the spot! Check it out.
That led me to thinking about what creates an incredible event: engaging your five senses! It's a great roadmap for your event. See the venue. Imagine the smell and taste of incredible food. Hear the music. Feel what your guests will feel. That's an awesome place to start your vision of your event.

SIGHT? Remember: People see things in a pyramid shape in general. At an event, they see things in an abbreviated pyramid. They're at a party! What they see is what is lit... that's why lighting is uber important.

SMELL? (My favorite~ that's why it is capitalized) No gardenia flower candles when you're serving fi

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let or lamb . Home baked cookies or a candy station on the way out? Amazing. It makes your guests remember home.... Also, I have two vendors that add incredible smell to your events. Try www.eventscents.com for amazing smells to add to your

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TASTE? This is the opportunity for you to show your personality!!! Don't be afraid to pick something out of the norm. Even the best chicken is... well.. gulp.... chicken. (OK. I admit it. Good chicken is good chicken. Don't feel bad if you've chosen chicken for your party.) Thinking outside the box? The In and Out Truck. The

SOUND? One of the most powerful senses that we have. Music is the backbone to an event. Mariachi? Steel drums? Gospel Choir? Yes. Yes. Yes. This another place when you can show your personality. Dinner? Keep it to background music. Kick it up 14 notches when you're rockin after dinner.

TOUCH? Very important. So many different options to have . Nothing better than a well starched linen.
There you go... my advice for free today. I'm feeling generous. Be swell.