How much is this Party Going to Cost Me? Answers for my Swell Social Clients



The big question. It always happens. At an initial consultation for an event, "How much is this event going to cost me?" My question back is, "Would you like a complete detailed budget to work with?" Sometimes people say, "No way. Just do your stuff, Ms. Swell." Other times, people say (with a uber serious face) , "I need full disclosure." Happy to work either way.Because, in reality, how much your event is going to cost...depends on you. There is no specific price when it comes to weddings and events. Right now, I'm working with a bride and groom, their families, and a crew of volunteers, using a beautiful outdoor venue, planning the best night of their lives, on a shoestring budget. On the other hand, I’ve also met folks who have said, “The sky’s the limit” and had party after party that no guest would soon forget. (BTW, it's all in the details. )Your budget will completely depend on you.


When you’re setting your budget, here are some key points to keep in mind:

· How much cash do you have hidden in your closet? (OK. If you're still reading, then you

know that I have a quirky, fun sense of humor.) Really, though. How much do you have

ready to dole out? · How much are you prepared to spend, once you see the endless possibilities? · What are the essentials for your event? · What areas are

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you willing to compromise on?To get a more specific estimate of what your event will cost, I suggest considering each expense that goes into an event and realistically pricing out how much you are willing to spend. It's something we all do at Swell with our full-service clients, but check out

The Knot's Online Budgeter . It's is a great tool (specifically for weddings... but can be used for other events, as well) for finding an estimate on what each aspect of your wedding should be costing based on your budget.

Budgeting is aaaarrrggghhh.... sometimes, a difficult thing to do. When you are dancing that first dance as Mr. and Mrs., or you're heading out after an incredible anniversary, mitzvah you will be glad that you went through all the hard stuff to get to your moment. Also, keep in mind, if you are going to hire a wedding coordinator, some packages do include budgeting help, so make sure you look into that when you go for your initial consultation.

Be swell. Natalie Vishny

Swell Event Coordinator Orange County CA

PS. I love to be FREE for my clients! What does that mean? By the time we are done with an event, with all of the coordinator discounts and my "great finds", they realize the cost of a planner was Zero. Zip. Nada. Swell, huh?

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