Our Swell Exclusive to you... Wednesday Wedding Etiquette from the Past... Until Now


Emily Post's Etiquette 1957.  The classic.  It really is no wonder that I became a Wedding Coordinator because my Grandma used to read

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to me from that book...  Emily Post's Etiquette.   I was HOOKED!  Love rules... and guidelines...with a light-hearted touch.  So, I'm sharing with you, a little Wednesday Wedding Etiquette.  I hope to keep this going for a while, so stay tuned!

From 1957 to 2010, a few things have changed.

Rule #1:

1957 by Emily Post:  "The first fact to remember is that all the expense of a wedding belong to the bride's Parents."

2006 by Peggy Post: "Traditionally, the bride's family assumes the burden of most wedding costs... Nowadays, however, just 27 percent of weddings are paid for soley by the birde's parents."

Good news for Bride's Parents?