The Swellegant Seven: Real Advice From Event Expert, Larrissa Rehder, of Inviting Occasion

I am always honored to work with the very best partners in the Event Industry.     This spring, I'll be highlighting some of my favorite event people!  I had a cup of tea with the incredible Larrissa and Johnny from Inviting Occasion, and talked about what it looks like behind the scenes... The Drive to Be Successful with a Business:

Larrissa: "I am a people pleaser and I love making my clients happy.  Seeing the entire project come through to fruition is amazing."

Johnny: "When I see what we've created together, and always doing something new is what drives me."

A Little Bit About the First Time Larrissa and I Met:

"We met at The Dock in Newport Beach several years ago, at an event, when you said, 'Wow. What you did here is so cool.  How much would something like this cost?' " (Laugh.)

How is it Working with Real Professionals:

“It makes our job so much easier, and the client gains a more cohesive experience.  There is a mutual understanding.    For Johnny, behind the scenes, 'Experience shows your knowledge and there are far fewer mistakes.   There are no loose ends.  When I work with you and your Swellegant Team, I know we're going to take great care of our clients."

A Few Pieces of Advice For Someone New in the Industry:

Johnny: "New planners want to micromanage.  You, as an experienced planner, let's us, as professionals, shine in what we do best."

Larrissa: "Persevere."

A Few Pieces of Advice for Newly Engaged Couples:

"Enjoy the process.  Keep it simple.  Stay in the moment.  Be realistic about what you can spend, and understand a 'Pinterest' photo may cost 10 times over your budget."

The Most Important Thing that a Planner/ Producer can do for you:

"'Let us work as a team."

When are you guys getting married?

"OK. Enough already, Natalie.  Stop asking us.  You'll be the first to know."


Thank you to Inviting Occasion for making sure everything is perfect with fine detail.  Can't wait until our next event together!