Ten Top Reasons Why I love being Your Wedding Planner: 

A Note to Past, Present, and Future Clients


1.        Each and every wedding renews my faith that L O V E is the greatest power of all.

2.       I  help people on some of the most important days of their lives.

3.       I get to laugh behind the scenes with dedicated professionals and cool cats who understand the difficulties and stressors of the job.

4.       I receive free self-analysis on why lawyers hire my team on a regular basis.

5.       I have the best backdrops for any job anywhere in the world.

6.       I get to use my Steve Harvey's  "Think like A Man.  Act like a Woman" skills.  

7.       I understand that moments turn into memories, and some of the best memories of a lifetime are events!

8.       I don't do my job for the money, and yet, I know the value of Wedding Planners.

9.       I get to eat wedding cake.  

10.   I believe in commitment and marriage for the long term, and, long after your wedding, we'll be toasting together at your other happy moments.