Wish Upon A Wedding for Mikela and Aaron

Mikela and Aarons love story as told by Mikela and Aaron and Wish Upon A Wedding

"Mikela’s close friend encouraged her to try out online dating. After receiving several messages, one in particular stood out because it was not like the majority of the messages, which were very generic. It was the politeness of Aaron’s words that caught Mikela’s eyes. They messaged each other, but never made plans to meet in person. It was not until Aaron came to the rescue when Mikela got stood up by another date. This last minute date was filled with sushi, laughs and amazing stories. On March 10th, 2013, Aaron officially asked Mikela to be his girlfriend.

Since last year, Mikela felt a terrible shoulder pain. At first, she ignored it but the pain started to spread to her neck and back, and then was accompanied by headaches, hot flashes and a loss of appetite. She went to the emergency room when her vision got blurry, but got diagnosed with a shoulder inflammation. She knew something was not right, so finally a few months later she made an appointment with her primary care physician. It was the same day Aaron was going to propose when the doctor found a huge mass around her lung. She was sent to the ER immediately for CT scans and was admitted into the ICU. After two biopsies and 9 days in the ICU, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer. Throughout this ordeal, Aaron always remained by her side. Aaron proposed to Mikela a few days later. Even with the cancer and Aaron’s deployment, their relationship grows stronger every day."

Wish Upon a Wedding Southern California was honored to grant this wedding wish for Mikela and Aaron on March 20, 2015 at Lomas Santa Fe Country Club located in Solana Beach, California.

May you live to 120 and be well, Mikela and Aaron.  Check out a Sneak Peek from Mikela and Aaron's Wish upon a Wedding pre-wedding photos. 

Thank you to all who made this dream come true. There is not one way to thank our partners for Mikela and Aaron, and so our team thanks you in twenty different languages!