50 Ways to Leave your LovePrint on your Wedding

Insider secrets from a Professional Wedding Planner to personalize your wedding so family and friends will remember and LOVE it!

50 Ways To Leave Your LovePrint

We were honored to be featured on HuffingtonPost Weddings http://www.huffingtonpost.com/natalie-vishny/15-ways-to-personalize-_b_2776233.html about how to make your wedding day a day ABOUT you and your fiancé. Here are 50 ways to leave your fingerprint – LovePrint, if you will – on your special day.

  1. Announce your Engagement to EVERYONE personally as soon as it happens. Facebook and Instagram are for other occasions. Pick up the phone!
  2. Send a Save the Date as soon as your venue is booked.
  3. Order personalized thank you notes early in your engagement. You’ll definitely need them. You can’t send too many thank you notes.
  4. When you send your invitations, include a personalized note to each guest. Nothing says, “You’re important to us” more than a few words in your handwriting.
  5. Create an interactive wedding website where your guests can leave comments. I love http://wedding-websites.no1reviews.com/ for inspiration.
  6. Include your Love Story in your invitation or on your website.
  7. Create your own stamp.
  8. Use your invitations to set the tone for your wedding. Your colors and your theme should begin with your invites. Choose a colored envelope that will POP and match the color scheme of your wedding.
  9. Mail invitations so that they arrive on a Saturday. Statistics show that social invitations are opened more frequently on Saturdays. And you’ll receive RSVPs faster.
  10. Make a phone call to your YES guests when you receive their RSVP response!
  11. Get inspired and create a wedding board on Pinterest to provide hints about your wedding.
  12. When registering for gifts, include three places in your registry: A low priced, medium priced, and high end store - so that everyone feels comfortable when shopping for you. https://wedandwish.com/ is a new and great way for couples to receive gifts.
  13. Click! Pop! Shoot! Take lots of photos during your engagement. You’ll be able to use them at your wedding.
  14. Invite your inner circle to your dress fitting or tux selection. Nothing makes family and friends feel more important than asking, “What do you think of this?”
  15. When someone asks, “How can I help you?” Give them a quick and easy job! Everyone loves to have something to do.
  16. Plan a Spa or Golf day on the day of your Rehearsal.
  17. Leave gift bags for out of town guests that set the tone for your wedding weekend. Include local attractions, maps, and a personalized note.
  18. Rehearsal dinner - Stand and thank. These are the people on your short list. They’re the ones who have been with you every step of the way. Let them know with your thank you.
  19. Pick your monogram. It will be great on your invites, your menus, your dance floor gobo, and anywhere else you decide to use it.
  20. Plan an unconventional wedding ceremony start time... 5:23( Date you met?) 7:04 ( Date you got engaged?) 2:13 (Your Grandparent’s Wedding Date?)
  21. Wedding Seating? Why do you have to have the traditional seating? Think Round; Arc Shaped; Unique Chairs; Benches. Anything that suits your style.
  22. The moment your guests arrive to your wedding, greet them with a drink.
  23. Definitely personalize your vows. Share your love every step of the way.
  24. Have a note or a flower on your parents’ chairs f

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    or the ceremony.

  25. Personalize your wedding programs by listing the order of the ceremony and writing a quick thank you to your parents and Bridal Party. Make sure to list your Bridal Party…. Remember, not everyone at your wedding knows everyone else.
  26. Have a unique guest book. For inspiration, visit www.etsy.com , the best in the world of artisans.
  27. Create an ENTRANCE at your wedding. Let everyone know they’ve arrived!
  28. Your recessional - Have everyone involved throw rose petals or blow bubbles as you leave the aisle.
  29. What’s your greeting drink in your wedding color? Figure it out at www.epicurius.com, the best place for finding specialty drinks.
  30. If the temperature is HOT, think about your fans or misters. If the temperature is COLD, think Pashmina Shawls and scarves for your guests. Everyone LOVES to be comfortable.
  31. After your ceremony, welcome your guests to your reception with a greeting drink.
  32. Serve wines from the year you met.
  33. Personalize your sweetheart table with awesome chairs … Inspirations from www.vintage-rentals.com and www.luxeappeal.com or, even better, your parents’ dining room chairs and family linens.
  34. PHOTOS rule. Have photos of your parents’ and grandparents’ weddings as

    a collection… either at your sign-in table, your cake table, or a greeting table when your guests enter the ballroom.

  35. Have a photo booth where your guests can take home a photo, too!
  36. Make sure that your Caterer and Wedding Planner know not only your favorite drinks, but your parents’ favorite drinks as well.
  37. Toasts. Those are BIG. Talk to your toast givers. Remember... it’s a Toast; Not a Roast. Have them practice before your big day.
  38. Have a surprise in your timeline every 30 minutes for your guests. Keep everything moving.
  39. Let your guests know what’s for dinner. Menu cards at each place setting are easy.
  40. Make your first dance one to remember. Dance lessons with your favorite song leave a

    lasting impression.

  41. Add the extra touch of live music, if your budget allows. Let your guests know what you love by choosing music that highlights your personalities.
  42. Don’t forget the bathrooms. Make sure to leave small toiletries, such as guest towels, bobby pins, mints, and other fun items for your guests.
  43. Favors should be edible or usable. Pick your favorite treat that reflects your personalities.
  44. Dessert Stations are the rage right now. What better way to personalize a dessert station than to ask all of the cooks in your family to provide two dozen cookies or treats of their own.
  45. Make sure that your centerpieces go to your favorite people at the end of the night. Assign someone to make sure that they get to the right place.
  46. Green your Sweets Station be an “O Bar with Organic Fruits and Nuts” in place of the traditional candy station! Check out http://fantasyfloraldesigns.com/ for inspiration.
  47. Make sure to give your guests a farewell that they’ll remember. Think about your favorite morning treats. Get them from your bakery and have every guest leave with a “Breakfast Treat”.
  48. Leave in style with YOUR personalities. Harley? Vintage Packard? Traditional Limo?
  49. After the wedding, Breathe easy and text your thank yous to your inner circle immediately.
  50. Time for personalize thank you notes! Thank everyone for their help and love during your wedding planning. You’ll need to write personalized thank yous later!

No two finger prints are alike, so no two weddings should be either. My job as your planner is to help you leave the perfect fingerprint!  Contact me, I’d love to help you leave your mark.