A Chat With roomforty catering: What's Trending in the LA Catering Scene

Room Forty

I sat down with Steve Fortunato from roomforty catering  (Lucky me.) , and loved his  perspective on what's happening in the catering world in LA.  It helps me help YOU  create your perfect event.

Steve says:   "L.A. has joined NYC , Chicago and San Fran as an innovator in dining, and so the top trends we're seeing are clients looking for innovation in their cuisine. This excites us as you can imagine, as this is what we're all about.

When we started this business, there were ZERO catering companies making a critical impact in the hospitality business.....you would never read Food and Wine magazine, or the food section of the L.A. Times, and read about a caterer....only a restaurant.....historically, catering has been the necessary ugly step child of the hospitality biz that has let restaurants lead the way, and does it's best to copy restaurants while scratching it's head trying to figure out how to do for 400 people what the cool restaurant just did for four people.

This is changing--we are excited to be part of that change, and humbly, in certain aspects, leading the charge.

Molecular. As you

know molecular gastronomy has taken off in the innovative dining scene...whether it's Alinea in Chicago, Eleven Madison

Park in New York, Providence and Ink in L.A.....the intersection between food and science has diners excited about what is possible when you bring the scientific process into the kitchen.Few (I know none in L.A.) catering companies have yet to adopt molecular gastronomy into their cooking as it is a steep learning curve.

All this to say, the trend we're seeing in L.A. from destination clients? A demand for the same innovation in a catered event that the L.A. restaurant scene has to offer.

Our coolest idea? Embracing that....so...a couple of examples:

Exhibit "A": Our version of "fish and chips." So we take the standard flavor profiles of fish and chips--potato, fish and malt vinegar....re-interpret it, and add molecular.....so as opposed to drizzling malt vinegar over the fish, through molecular gastronomy (m.g.), we make "malt vinegar caviar" (those are the little caviar looking balls on the fish) that adds the flavor component of malt vinegar, but adds the to drama and innovation of the dish by using m.g.

Another form of Molecular Gastronomy is through the use of powders. We can add a flavor component without actually adding the food in it's whole form. "

My response to Steve?  That's some really cool stuff that will knock the socks off of any discriminating catering client.   Thanks for the inspiration.

This year, I'm saying in each and every way in  my Event Planning, "WHAT IF?  and WHY NOT?"    Our team is thinking not only  Outside the Box but we're using the Best in the Industry  to turn your event moments into lifelong memories.