A Swellegant Secret: Conscious Bean is the Perfect Finishing Detail for your Event

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A Swellegant Secret:  Conscious Bean.  I love when someone is incredibly passionate about their business, and this experience is just SO over the top fabulous, that I have to take the time to share!  As I write this at 5:48 AM, with no coffee in hand, I'm dreaming of Matthew and his crew showing up on my doorstep. If you're considering adding a memorable detail to your event, look no further.  Here's what Matthew says about Conscious Bean.  His description may be a bit long, but that's what happens when you're truly passionate about your business!

"Its the details that make an event truly special. The attention to the little things that really make you say wow. Recently I had the pleasure of working with a vendor who made me say wow. Simply the coolest, most amazing coffee service ever... Conscious Bean (but the owner refers to it as an organic pop up boutique cafe.) The attention to detail made Conscious Bean truly special. First off, the chrome equipment gleamed against the reclaimed dark hardwood bar. While the fresh ingredients floating in glass bottles brought life and warmth to the rich surface. The barista seemed very at home behind the iron framed bar. Like a craftsman behind his workbench he individually tailoring drinks to each guests desire. Every ingredient chosen with care and intention. The entire 53 drink menu had something for coffee and tea lovers, sweet tooths, those who don’t like coffee and even as a dairy bar for kids! The drinks were not only organic, but all the flavorings were homemade from true, genuine ingredients, free of chemicals and additives. The products were all biodegradable, reusable or renewable and if that wasn’t enough, the entire thing condenses down into a shiny black Toyota Prius! Yes, a Prius. The barista explained to me the special attention they pay to the water they use, but I was slightly mesmerized by his dashing smile, I digress.

 One way or another, I was genuinely impressed by definitively the coolest...coffee station, espresso stand, cappuccino cart, brew bar…whatever it is, whatever you choose to call Conscious Bean, it is truly fabulous. A shining testament to what is possible from honestly caring about the details. Their slogan is “The finest the earth has to offer.” the owner, Matthew Evilsizor said "We bring the best to your lips, so those lips will offer the same love to the world.” I found that very fitting. The mocha I had, literally warmed my soul. It was made with an organic whole milk in a glass bottle (how cool is that!) from Straus Creamery (they also offer and organic almond or hemp milk but the Straus milk made maybe the smoothest creamiest froth I’ve ever had), a rich but smooth espresso roasted like it was created specifically to be paired with the organic fair-trade dutched baking chocolate and raw cane sugar. Heaven in a cup, no whip cream need. The drink was well balanced. I could taste each delicious element of my glorious libation. I had to go back for another. Studying the menu I came across a Hug. Lets just say, I thought nothing could be better than the mocha, and I was wrong. If you haven’t yet been privy to Conscious Bean, you better get on it. Worth every penny and good to the last drop. Conscious Bean will make you say wow."