Stressed out while you're planning your Event? Change your Experience with Ha Ha Yoga

Hello out there, clients and friends. If you're stressed in any way, any shape, and any form, get out your calendar. Book Ha Ha Yoga.

8 AM Main Beach in Laguna. Every day. I guarantee you'll walk away a changed person.

How do I know it will help you???

15 years ago, I called my Mom and said, "My Life is changed because of YOGA." I was in Toronto, in a public library, with women whom I didn't know, who made all type

s of odd noises (Sorry. I need to be truthful) when they were in weird poses.

Now, I live in Utopia. Laguna Beach in 20 minutes. 15 in the early morning.

Last week, during my Mom's visit, I took her to Ha Ha Yoga. I'm going back. Tomorrow morning, actually. Event planning is the dream job. But, sometimes, I need a break. So I laugh. You should, too. It may seem weird. Just do it. You'll be hooked. Call, email, or text me if you want to go. I love a good laugh.

Natalie Vishny Swell Event Planner Orange County CA