The Swellegant Secret Weapon: Our Incredible Vendors


I really do love throwing parties.  It's  (one of ) my life's works.   Oooooh!  I love the moment when the magic happens after dark....  the evening begins... the guests arrive.  The mood, food and drink,   lighting, decor, and music are perfect.    But, in actuality,  the real work begins behind the scenes months before your event.   The Swellegant Team have become  Masters at throwing parties of all sorts.    For years,   I've always sourced the best vendor partners in the industry, and that, we don't share for free.   That's just one  our secrets... one of our hidden weapons.   We work with  the best in the industry.

Insider advice:  PLEASE DO NOT hire anyone just because "they're the cheapest" or because "they have a great  manufactured website."  Anyone who knows me, knows that I always have a story or two about the good, the bad, and the ugly in the event  world.    Let's make your event the very best it can be.  You DO get what you pay for.... the true professionals  in the industry do this work  because they LOVE it, not because they're making the millions.    As I  say at all client meetings: " I'm great at what I do.  The people I partner with?  They're the BEST. "

We can't wait to plan with you!