Top 5 Wedding Foods That I’ll Never Forget!

Banquet food is sometimes.  Boring.  It’s necessary, but not always memorable.   Forget Chipper Chicken, Mediocre Filet, and bland mashed potatoes.  As an Event Planner for 10 years, and a “foodie” (how do we ever get away from that word?) I love creating incredible  customized menus for my clients.  I got inspired to share some of my favorites when reading  the recent Huffington Post article.

Here are five wedding food items that my clients still talk about, and why they call me to give them my “foodie finds” when they’re planning their next event.  Think FUN and INTERACTION.  That’s what your guests will remember.

Start with Dragon’s Breath Popcorn from    This popcorn is frozen using liquid nitrogen, and when popped into the mouth, it releases a cloud of vapor that exits the diner’s nose and mouth, giving the effect of a dragon blowing smoke. So fun!

dragon's breath popcorn-1

Add in the Caribbean Rumaki from  Bacon wrapped plantains in a secret rum brown sugar glaze.  Beyond delicious.   This is one of the very best tray- passed appetizers known to wedding couples across Southern California.


Give your guests the Fromager Service from when they are seated, and they’ll feel immediately like family.  Steve’s assorted Spanish and French Cheeses, Farm to table veggies, poached fruit, and local honeycomb are all so simple (You’d think) but so refined.  Add in the candied nuts and the artisan breads and you’re in heaven.

Basque Board

So, you’re thinking… this is too complicated.  I don’t want any of this stuff.  Simplify things with BBQue.  Yes.  BBQue.  If smoke is your flavor (and I’ve been told it is the flavor of 2013… there’s even a smoked water company to make smoky cocktails!)  Two of my favorite clients from last year had a BBQue dinner with bibs and all.  So fun and so delicious.    The best BBQue in So Cal is .  The man is a genius.  If you’re in KC or Texas, you’ll have your favorites, too, of course.

Richard Jones-1

Finally, if you’re looking to have the most spectacular experience, arrange a tasting menu for your guests.  Five to Eight Courses.  Small Bites.   Give you guests something to really remember.   Rick Bayless (Yep.  Top Chef Status) from and created the best

tasting menu in cialis online pharmacy 2012 for my clients .  He’s based in Chicago, but spends much of his time in Mexico, learning his craft.  Favorite item on his menu?  Mochomos.  Crunchy  threads of beef bristled and cripy onion strings, guacamole, and spicy salsa roja.


Bon Appetit.  Be swell.  I’m off on my next Foodie Find Wandering.

Natalie Vishny