Wedding Couples and"Wedding Day of Coordination Wedding Planner"/ Vendors in Orange County... Let's TALK about Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

Let's Talk. 
 No beautiful photos here.  Just the truth.  Wedding Coordinators are NOT a luxury.
No bride wants to meet their Wedding Coordinator for the first time on their wedding day.  That's why a "Day of Coordinator" is a novice idea.

Fellow Wedding Vendors and Wedding Couples  in Southern California:

Having a Wedding Coordinator will be incredible for all of you.

I love Professionals and I love Brides and Grooms.   Plain and Simple.  Being in the Event Business for many years, I know that all Brides and all Professional Vendors appreciate a Professional Coordinator.
Being a Board Member of the ABC-OC luncheon today,  I listened.  I know the value of what I do, but I was able to listen to fellow coordinators who have been in the business for a very long time to say, "Let's make this the best wedding possible for our clients!  Let's work together... let's refer the best locations, the best vendors."

THE MOST IMPORTANT DETAILS OF THE WEDDING are taken care of by your coordinator. A coordinator of substance usually doesn't say:   "I'm a DAY OF coordinator".  A coordinator who cares about your wedding offers you several levels of service, with the basic level of service being around 1 - 2 months before your wedding. No bride wants to meet someone for the first time on their wedding day.
Here are important questions of the most important day of your day:

Who knows YOU?  Bride and Groom?
Who will run your wedding rehearsal with ease?
Who do you trust to carry out your vision on your wedding day?
Who creates the master timeline of the day?
Who knows your family... and knows how to negotiate the nuances of your family's dynamics?
Who greets vendors and makes sure that  all vendors on the same page?
Who will make sure that all contracts from your vendors are carried out?
Who will coordinate load-in and load-out?
Who will make sure that you have a personal bridal assistant?
Who is making sure that all of your

personal items are taken care of?
Who will provide advise on wedding etiquette?

Now, on to the fun.. let's work on making YOUR wedding the most elegant wedding ever...