Why Parties Matter

Love= Bride and Groom

10 Reasons Why Parties Matter

For the past ten years, The Swellegant Team has been invited to create incredible events in gorgeous ballrooms, beautiful homes, and unique venues all across North America with www.swellegant.com  We have helped clients turn important moments into forever memories.  Today, while watching a video montage created for a repeat client,  full of photos from all of the parties that we have  thrown over the past 10 years for this family, that we  realized,  YES.  Parties DO matter.

Why? Parties allow you to:

  1. CELEBRATE.  Parties create moments to celebrate something great with those you love.
  2. HONOR SOME ONE.  How awesome is it to take an evening to celebrate a couple, a friend, a colleague?
  3. GET FRIENDS AND FAMILY TOGETHER.  A wedding?  Absolutely.  No better way to gather everyone to celebrate love.

    AND DESIGN.  Professionals in the industry LOVE to create environments for you.  Sit back and enjoy our work.

  5. CREATE A MEMORY.  Small moments turn into memories.
  6. MEET SOMEONE GREAT.  Parties allow you to connect and meet people. When two people meet, a third should benefit.
  7. MARK A MILESTONE.  A company’s success?  A Big Birthday?  Don’t let them go by unnoticed.
  8. EAT AND DRINK.  Yes, please.  Pay for the best food and drink that you can afford.
  9. LIVE IN THE MOMENT.  Love the cell phone free zone for a few hours .
  10. HAVE A LITTLE FUN. Yes. You deserve it.   Let loose and throw caution to the wind. Monday will come soon enough.


Hiring a professional to make life easy for you will be the best investment you can make when you’re celebrating!