Clergy Fees for your Wedding...More Wednesday Wedding Etiquette from Emily, Peggy... and a Twist from Nat

Let's Talk CLERGY this Wednesday....
Emily Post 1957..."The fee of the clergyman may range anywhere from ten dollars to one or

two hundred dollars, according to the means of the groom and the importance of the wedding."

Peggy Post 2006... " Site Specific.Each member of your wedding ceremony will be paid according to the site rules."
Natalie 2011...Ask your Officiant  up front  about their specific fees.  In terms of Gratuity for your Officiant:   "$50-300in addition to fee is awesome. Not often considered a “tip”.  If you have a relationship to this person, it may be given as a gift to the place of worship."
Special thanks to Melody Walker for her tips in Clergy Gratuity