Destination Weddings in Mexico! More than Swellegant.

Yes. That was the sunset in Puerto Vallarta last Wednesday evening.

What do you need to have a wedding in Mexico? A BRIDE AND GROOM!
Aahhh. Just back from Puerto Vallarta where I was checking out the city compliments of NH Hoteles and Tour Vallarta!! No wonder Puerto Vallarta has been rated by Conde Naste as "the friendliest city in the world and "Among the top 10 safest cities in the world." by USA Today. Absolutely So! From the moment I arrived at the airport until the moment I left, I had a magical week. If you're thinking about going to Mexico for your wedding, I've got some incredible spots, vendors, and totally swell ideas to make your destination wedding into a dream come true. Zip lining down the mountain. Private Island Sunsets. Let the photos speak for themselves... Special thanks to Nora Martinez from NH Hotels, Hardy Klahold Photography for the great photos, and Jorge Nunez from Tour Vallarta.

Loved spending time with the coordinators from Southern California... Imagine a Dove Release on the Beach... and a bunch of uber extroverts telling our wedding stories. Ok. You get the idea. Don't want to make you jealous. I do have

an awesome job.

The NH Hotel Krystal Puerto Vallarta... one wedding site and one view of the Presidential Suite.

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pg" border="0" />Imagine a wedding in Our Lady of Guadalupe in downtown Puerto Vallarta.... partying through the night in a tent on the beach (If you're a bride and groom looking here, know this: I was there in "Rainy Season"... a few drops of rain here and there... and so the two sides of the tent were covered to protect the musicians. Normally? Imagine the sunset in the background.

The day before... or the day after your wedding? Zip Lining or The Rhythms of the Night Show... two incredible activities. PS. I was only terrified for ONE of the lines... the rest were incredible one of the ten best activities of my life.

SALUT! Take me to Mexico, and I'll make your wedding into a dream come true.