It's the Start of Something New at a Wedding for Two! An Intimate Wedding in Laguna Beach

Congratulations to Rich and Michelle!  They're a match made in heaven. It is super special to plan an intimate ceremony and dinner for two, and this is the first time in my career that I have been asked to plan a wedding for two people with no other guests ( I signed as a witness for the ceremony).  Behind the scenes, it required  a lot of work!  (and happily so).

My friends have asked, "So, how to you plan a ceremony for two?"  What do two people really need to get married?  Here's my answer:  a lot!  Coordinating any event requires work and time, and that's why my team need to LOVE what they do.

Here's how it goes:  Hair and make up at 2,  photography at 3, first look at 4,  drive to the beach at 4:30,... etc, while all of the magic is happening behind the scenes....

Every wedding couple should have transportation,  flowers, a beautiful table, photography, an incredible place to stay, and,  of course, a beautiful sunset!  Great desserts should be, of course,  are the piece de resistance.

This is how we made the magic happen for Rich and Michelle:   We worked HARD and  have the best partners in the Orange County Wedding World,

including: Bloom Blox Designs

La Tavola Linens

The Island Hotel

Jo Distaso Photography

Ido Cam

Lake forest Limo

Congratulations and best wishes!