Jessie and Chris: A Wedding Sendoff Worth Remembering

Jessie & Chris

When I say that this was a wedding sendoff that was worth remembering, I mean it! Last summer we had the honor and pleasure of working with Jessie and Chris;  truly kind hearted, down to earth, wonderful couple.

Their wedding sendoff was well planned, adorned with sparklers and a drive off into the moonlight on a motorcycle that Chris had crafted himself.

Everything went according to plan until...well...just check out the awesome photos below courtesy of Ashley Bee Photography (who was

also a joy to work with).

The bike started per usual, but then we heard the put, put, put, and it eventually stopped running. After time and time again of trying to restart the motorcycle...nothing...until about five minutes later. Of course, Jessie and Chris took it stride like they do everything else, and were so funny and gracious about the entire situation.

The crowd went absolutely wild!